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Rat A Get Fat

(Franklin's Mix)

Inspired by Toronto's city workers' strike, The Arsenals reworked a ska classic to create Rat A Get Fat. After performing the song on CBC's Metro Morning in Toronto, they were inundated by requests to buy the song. The band quickly arranged for a recording session and now, here is Rat A Get Fat, a little something for our fans and the patient citizens of Toronto.


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Stay tuned for a full Arsenals album, complete with an alternate mix of Rat A Get Fat.

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Music Clips

Rat A Get Fat (38 seconds)
Jah Ska (49 seconds)
Hold It Down (35 seconds)

Jump Up Jamaica
(featuring Ernie Smith)

Download Jump Up Jamaica

Rat A Get Fat

Download the free track.

Video Clips

Billie Jean (at Harbourfront)

City News: Rat A Get Fat

Dizzzy's Part-time Job

At Wanda's Pie in the Sky

James Bond Theme (at Sneaky Dee's)